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Seems like anywhere I go these days someone wants to censor me, for one reason or another, not sure I can blame them, I’m somewhat of a button pusher and so I have gotten used to it. I wish I could share this on FB and Instagram but rules are the rules! Hopefully it finds enough people out there!

Anyhow, I’ve struggled with weight my whole life, at points very consuming on my mental real estate, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes socially crippling, so photos pertaining to this will pop up in my portfolio here and there. I am not really sure if I can describe accurately what I feel this photo represents, but to me the danger of doughnuts is somehow something my brain needs to keep censored more than nudity, and so I thought the idea was half funny and half deeper then I could express. Perhaps not, perhaps it’s just silly, but you know I like to ride the line between serious and ridiculous as much as I can.

I hope it speaks to you in some way, even if it is just a smile. Or if you have struggled with your weight your whole life, then possibly it could brighten your day! You are who you are, don’t even forget this, change and happiness comes from satisfaction from your current state of being, not from hating on yourself and wishing you were something else!

Model: Annalee Belle .